We all have them. We all attempt to ‘silver line’ them. We all try to reduce them.


It’s not a pretty word. It lingers on your tongue like a bad tasting sip of wine. The word evokes doubt, indecision, and even fear when spoken. If you write it, the word flows awkwardly from your pen. Regrets never have a feel good feeling.

So why then aren’t we frozen in time? Not moving forward. Why do we, as the human race, repeatedly venture into the unknown? Wouldn’t it be less painful to just do the same thing over and over again. The proven method that cannot cause regrets.

What would our world look like if no person had one regret?

That is terrifying. No one would strive to be different. There would be no innovation. No iPhone, no cars, not even the most basic of items. We would still be living in the era of the Caveman. Our world would not exist.

I take chances. Not only for the shock value of it, but also because I want to minimize my regrets. The eventual outcome for most of my risk-taking is success. On this day will you work towards success or have regrets? You know what I’ll be achieving.



When the time is right, everything seems to fall into place.  The struggles seem less.  The time of uncertainty seems distant.  The unknown comes into focus.  It may feel like it all just happened, like fate stepped in to give you a lift.  I think it is the culmination of all the hard work you achieved, maybe without even realizing you achieved it.  The extra smile, the straightened posture, the countless hours of research, networking, paperwork, all the little details done in the interim.  That is the pinnacle of success.

You know the moment it happened, whether subconsciously or consciously.  The success may be a few little tasks or one monstrous accomplishment, but looking back, you knew the moment it happened.  

Enjoy each little success with a celebration of a big success.  Every success is worth celebrating.