Thankfulness fills my heart.  I am not just looking at my world but I am seeing my world. An oppressive fog has lifted like a veil gently pulled back from a bride’s face.  Joy infuses with the light shining down on my face.  Love seeps into every nuance of a smile, frown, laugh and tear. Let your heart be light.  Let simple joys give you a thankful peace that embraces your life!

Travel well my friends!


Put a smile on your face and feel it in your soul!


The smile you wear is not for the outside world, although they enjoy it.  Your smile is for you!  It is impossible to genuinely smile and retain sadness or anger.  The joy your body resonates when you are smiling will carry you through your day.  It helps you to see the positive in your activities.  The traffic jam feels less irritating, the negative co-worker is more tolerable, and everyone will wonder what on earth you are smiling about!  Smiles are contagious, the kind of contagious you want to be infected with.  So put your smile on your face, embrace the world and have a happy day!


Magical Days


Look at the life you are living!  It is amazing!  You have it within yourself to make sure all the days you are given are astounding.  Languish in the sunshine, revel in the little moments that make you smile, take the time to savor your world.  It is in the journey we find the revitalizing experiences to keep us motivated for the next day.  Do all you can to make your days magical!

photo courtesy of Nathan Rathjen