What am I supposed to hear?


My life is a series of events that seem to crash into one another.  There aren’t enough hours in a day.  I have not learned to clone myself to be at multiple places at the same time.  Mundane routines seem to cloud the exceptional.  Daily life jumbles together to make a scrambled collage of unfinished projects, work, and social life.  

Then, every now and again, I stop.  I truly listen to what my heart is telling me.  I watch the world around me.  I feel how things are flowing, and I make a change.  The change does not need to be earth shatteringly huge.  For I am not Superman needing to save Lois Lane from certain death by causing the world to spin backwards on its axis.  I am me.  Not cloned, not superhuman, just me.  I like me, even if it is hard to accomplish some goals or stay on task with others.  I like to mix up the mundane.  I love to flit from one life event to the other.  The adrenaline I feel from minor stress keeps me moving forward to accomplish all I have set on my shoulders.

So when you are feeling overwhelmed, please, take a moment to breathe.  Take in the world around you for just a moment or two.  Always remember your babies won’t be babies forever, the dishes can wait, deadlines are a goal not the guillotine, and most of all, listen to your heart.

Travel well my friends.  

Where The Birds Glide


It is nothing short of a miracle to witness the lightening of a loved one’s soul. You see pain etched on the lines of their face. The light in their eyes is dimmed. Their shoulders carry an invisible weight only they can feel. Then, slowly, gently or sometimes all at once, their burdens dissapate. The shoulders that were drooped, are lifted. Their eyes glimmer with love and mischief like you remember. The lines on their face are softened to better represent the soul you love.

I traveled yesterday to The Holy Family Shrine in Nebraska. This was my second journey to this site. In the early spring this year I ventured there with a tour group. I loved the serenity it inspired in me. I wanted to linger. I desired a sanctuary where my heart could heal. I yearned for peace in my soul, even if it was just little bandages holding it together for a few more months. My overall impression was pure love.

As I stood in the chapel overlooking the Nebraska prairie, watching vehicles dashing back and forth on the six lane interstate, I began reflecting on my own soulful journey to this moment from the last time I stood in this place. I am stronger than I believe, I am the beckoning light for others, I am gracefulness emboldened. I stood a little straighter, glanced to my beloved traveling partner and said a silent prayer for her continued strength. Her inner light is back, full of promise and determination, just like always.

We stood together watching the birds outside, gliding on the blustery winter winds. Hovering, dipping, soaring, twirling, appearing to have no reason for their flight except pure joy. Taking the wind and making a playground for themselves. As I moved out the doors of the chapel, I pulled my coat tighter around me against the gales and glanced back one last time at the feathered campions of our visit, they continued their joyous arial acrobatics, using what they were given for happiness not sorrow.

Travel well my friends.

Traveling Within


Grey veils of clouds blotted out the sun.  The rain hesitated with its exit.  I drove on.  The road is familiar, the terrain unchanged.  I maneuvered my car around slower trucks.  The radio was off, so in the quiet I could focus my rambling thoughts.  The butterflies in my stomach fluttered once again.  The closer I got to my destination the further away I wanted to be.  Hours passed.  I looked out over the horizon to see the patches of sunlight illuminating the hillsides.  The car rocketed up and over each hill.  For as much as I did not want to take this journey I also knew I needed to.

So many times in our lives we look back with regret.  Regret we didn’t say the right words, take the leap of faith or just physically be near someone.  I speak of travel often as a movement, “point A to point B” yet travel is so much more than moving yourself to another location.  Your inner thoughts travel as well.  Look back at an event in your life and see each stop in your mind’s eye.  You did not simply move in one linear direction.  Your thoughts on the event begin, then a process of decisions are consciously or sub-consciously made, which usually changes the course of your physical path, and maybe after some time the thought becomes reality within the outer event. Our thoughts are traveling just as our bodies travel.

At the conclusion of my day, I looked back with fondness at the journey my thoughts had been on and although my wants could not match my needs, I felt a weight lifted to make room for some much-needed peace.  My traveling thoughts were home again.

Travel well my friends!

Surround Yourself


Whatever it is that makes you whole, surround yourself.  Whatever it is that lifts you up, surround yourself.  Whatever it is that drives you to be better, surround yourself.

For it is not in the world that defines us. It is inside us that defines who we are and what we become.  We are challenged to be more than what we were yesterday.  We are inspired to be more than what we were.  We are created to be us, the very best us we can be.  Do not dwell on the negative, the hurt or the fear in your life.  Brush those things aside and be…more!

Surround yourself with love and love will surround you all of your days.

Four Simple Words


I felt it in my heart this morning as I groggily stretched this old body out of slumber into wakefulness.  It was whispering in the deep corners of my mind and pressing on my soul.  It is not an easy feeling to hold on to.  It will come and go from my heart, as I am sure it does in yours.  Four simple words.  Those four simple words start as one word.  Peace.  It is a concept, a feeling, a righteous goal, a mountainous task.  Peace.  The word seems simple enough.  Why is this simple word so hard to express in our lives?  Where does this “feeling” of peace go when life feels more like an uphill battle than a walk in the park?  I do not have those answers.  I continue to explore my world in search of inspiration.  So this morning I added three more words to it as I posted to my friends on Facebook.  I wanted to see where this statement would lead me.

Peace be with you.

I am not asking for world peace.  I am not stating I have peace.  Just four simple words….Peace be with you.  May you carry it with you today, tomorrow and always.  May the forgiveness that embodies peace surround you.  May you find in your daily routines, peace.  I want these four simple words for all people.  I want peace to go with you in your heart and stay with you, always.

Peace be with you.



We are travelers.  We embrace peace.  We are humble.  We desire acceptance. 

Our world is wrought with uncertainty.  The news of unrest in countries around the world saddens our hearts.  Regions we have visited are tumultuous with violence.  Cultures have been rocked by hatred. People have lost their lives or lives of loved ones, loss of even one life in violence is far too many lost.  Landmarks have been marred by fighting.  History is being erased visually because of greed.

We, of Soul Experiences, would like to offer our prayers of peace to all who are or have been affected by any form of violence.  Our heartfelt wish is for peace.  Let us all pray, in whatever fashion, for healing and for the olive branch of peace to be extended to all in need of guidance.  Quiet your mind, even for a moment, to be thankful for everything you have.  Please keep your hearts and minds open to the worlds needs around us. 

Peace be with you and with the world.

Simple Treasures


Travel moves my soul.  It makes me feel alive.  It helps me to gain perspective on our big wide world.  I desire travel like I desire my children’s happiness.  The mountains call to me, the beach beckons, faraway lands whisper for me to explore.  The path that was not taken will always be my favorite passage.  I want to stumble through snow in July and trudge through the tropics in February.  I want to venture to the top of the next ridge and look over an unexplored valley.  I need to board a train with no particular destination in mind. 

On this day I wish you happiness, inner peace and a sense of adventure in all you do.  Even if travel is not your inspiration, enjoy the simple treasures around you.  They abound even when life is crashing over you, there will always be a blessing for you.  Look closely and enjoy the day.

Travel well my friends.