The waves rolled ever on and on.  I would crest one just to tumble down to the next.  Up and down.  Wave after wave.  At the pinnacle of each wave, for a moment, you could see forever.  The vista was more waves, stunning but immense.  Beautiful, yet overwhelming in my own insignificance.  I would be seasick if not for the reality of being on dry land.

My mind’s eye shifts back to the here and now, not my imagination.  The waves turn golden from their crystal blue.  My boat, reengineers itself back to my vehicle.  The smell of sea water vanishes replaced by a clean dusty fragrance.  The waves become soil and yet, roll ever on and on. 

As I drive this highway in the northeast corner of Nebraska, I can see for miles.  The hills rise up inviting you to travel on to see what is over the next rise.  It is like being a child again on a treasure hunt.  At the top of these gentle hills, I am sure I can see South Dakota and Iowa at the same time.  The enormity of this sparsely inhabited land reminds me that I still have so much to explore.