We all have them. We all attempt to ‘silver line’ them. We all try to reduce them.


It’s not a pretty word. It lingers on your tongue like a bad tasting sip of wine. The word evokes doubt, indecision, and even fear when spoken. If you write it, the word flows awkwardly from your pen. Regrets never have a feel good feeling.

So why then aren’t we frozen in time? Not moving forward. Why do we, as the human race, repeatedly venture into the unknown? Wouldn’t it be less painful to just do the same thing over and over again. The proven method that cannot cause regrets.

What would our world look like if no person had one regret?

That is terrifying. No one would strive to be different. There would be no innovation. No iPhone, no cars, not even the most basic of items. We would still be living in the era of the Caveman. Our world would not exist.

I take chances. Not only for the shock value of it, but also because I want to minimize my regrets. The eventual outcome for most of my risk-taking is success. On this day will you work towards success or have regrets? You know what I’ll be achieving.



 I stood watching, from the security of my front porch, the red and blue lights illuminating the night. What could I do? What was really happening? Do I risk my personal safety for strangers? I felt helpless, except for my silent pleads for safety for all invovled. Another onlooker stepped in, ushering the tiny, shocked crowd to the warmth of his nearby home. A small round face with bed tousled hair, clinging to the neck of the loved one carrying her, moved into the flood lights of the emergency vehicles. Sleep had not yet left her cherubic features. Her pink and purple PJ’s ensconced her on this dreary, wet, night. Her eyes rested on me, full of questions, desiring answers. Not quite sure she was safe yet.

Neighbors a few doors down and across our brick paved street had a small fire last night. Shortly after I arrived home emergency sirens filled the air with the announcement that someone’s life is in serve, unexpected transition. As our sleepy street was transformed into a hub of assistance for the family, neighbors came out to look on. 

I felt helpless. I felt saddened that I did not know this family that lived and played just a few short steps from my home. Action finally overcame my fear of the unknown. I went to this stranger and in the midst of panic offered my feeble introduction. I did not have any idea where my words would lead me.  I did not know what I could possibly offer, but I could not just stand by and watch without doing something. My feeling of helplessness overwhelmed my fears and I moved forward. Contact information, an offer of warm drinks, blankets, and ill-fitting shoes was all I could think of to give. 

The helpless feeling abated. My smile and heartfelt concern for individuals I had never met was contagious. A weak smile crossed his face. Friends came by hearled by the wave of technology pushed information. Thanks were out poured, hugs were given, just a simple reasurrance that no one should walk alone when lives are shifting.

Reach out to the community you travel in. Our transitions can pull us together. Overcome anything that tries to hold you back from doing what is right. Immerse yourself in life. Smile when you want to frown. Life is beautiful, even in all of it’s flaws!

Travel Well My Friends


Happy Good Friday?


He suffered and died on the cross, so that we would be free from death.

The alter was stripped of all it’s adornments last night at the church service.  The choir sang the 22nd Psalm, hauntingly beautiful voices hung in the air.  The lights were dimmed making the usually bright sanctuary feel small and oppressive.  We sat in silence watching the black drape rise to cover the image of Christ.  It is a very somber service.

Tonight we will attend the Good Friday service.  The alter will still be barren.  The lights will still be turned low.  The feeling in the air will still be of sadness. 

Why then should we celebrate?  Because this is not the end.  This is the beginning.  We know He died for us!  We know that His death brings us eternal life!  That in these somber remembrances, our lives are forever changed!

Happy Good Friday!  

Holy Week Humor


You know you are Lutheran when the coffee and treats portion of morning prayer service lasts longer than the service!  🙂

Holy week begins on Palm Sunday.  We celebrate the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a king!  It is a celebratory day.  We sing his praises in remembrance of His triumphant entrance to a city, he knew, he would be persecuted and die.  The culmination of Holy week progresses with silence on the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The church does not ignore these three days but not much is going on either and yet I find them significant.

This is the time Jesus spent his last days with his disciples.  These few precious last days before Evil seeped into the hearts of many.  Where shouts of Alleluias turned to cries of anger.  Where corruption ruled and money spoke volumes.

These three days before Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday take the stage are calm, meditative days for me.  I seek prayerful beginnings, lingering evenings and ample time for reflection.  I attended our morning pray service at my home congregation.  I found a community of souls who to enjoy the meditative qualities of starting your day with reflection, together.  It was refreshing to see young and old, worshiping in a small setting.  After the service we all moved off to a meeting room filled with coffee and pastries.  Where we took the time to share and laugh with each other before heading off to our work days.

Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday in the church.  We celebrate The Last Supper and remember our Savior washing his friends feet.  All the while, knowing what weight he would soon carry for the sake of the world.

Have a blessed Holy Day.  Remember our Saviors humble actions, with a kind and forgiving heart.

Travel well my friends.     

Take Flight

Our lives are beautifully diverse.  We bustle from here to there.  We experience life from different vantage points.  Let your wings unfurl so you can soar to new heights.  Reach for a goal and grasp it tightly.  You have the power in yourself to achieve anything you dream!


Photo courtesy Nathan Rathjen-all rights reserved

Soothing My Soul


Music soothes my soul.  It doesn’t matter the type of music.  Whether it is the hard rock of Seether or the angry sounds of Korn.  On some days it is the relaxing calm of Enya, Pachelbel, or Vivaldi.  The carefree rock of the 50’s helps me to sing and drive.  I love to go back in time with Journey, Styx, or Queen.  Sometimes I want to relive a favorite movie so a soundtrack will do.  Dancing always needs a fast beat.  I can find energy in Christian Rock, Jazz and Pop Rock.  I will get a song in my head and sing it all day.  I attend concerts as often as I can.  When I am in church I gleefully “make a joyful noise unto my Lord”.


The advent of easily owning thousands of tracks from my playlists is a dream come true.  I remember Saturdays spent at Twisters Music store combing through hundreds of albums searching for the perfect cassette to buy with my limited allowance money.  Records, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD’s, all littering my life.  Record players of my childhood playing exquisite sounds.  8-track player in my friend’s car.  Cassette player in my “newer than his” car (A.K.A bragging rights).  CD’s stacked high in my first apartment.  My adult self spending Saturdays, again combing through thousands of used record albums no one wanted cluttering their houses.  Now MP3 players, iPods, phones, computers, all containing thousands of titles.  Music at my fingertips.

Music soothes my soul with every note, cadence, refrain, verse.  Thank you to all the musicians who grace our world with their talent.  


Ashes To Ashes


“The ashes on my forehead do not represent my wrongness.  They represent His rightness.”-KR

In all my years wandering on this planet, I have never understood a person’s ability to say they are not spiritual.  The encounters with stubborn atheists and fanatical ‘bible thumpers’ all revolve around one central issue, our souls.  The mysterious part of us that makes us…us.  It drives who we are, who we choose to be, and who we will become.  Our soul is a very broad term, which truly encapsulates, how a person views themselves.  Yet, how can a living, breathing, person not be spiritual.  We all have a soul and that soul is what makes us a spiritual being.

On this reverent day in the church year, we remember we were dust and to dust we shall return.  I will attend church with my boys this evening to have those words spoken over each of us.  It helps me to remember we are a fleeting glimpse out the window of the universe’s travels.  My spiritual/soulful self will embrace that reminder, again.

May you find peace in your soul, love in your heart and a joyful spirit that embraces your own spirituality.

Travel well my friends.


Embrace Love


Love is the greatest gift of all.  It takes us places in our hearts, it touches our souls and reminds us how our body and mind can fool each other.  Love wraps us in a warm cocoon of safety.  So whether it is a love between parent and child, or an all encompassing love between lovers, be sure you embrace love.  Embrace the security, and happiness that reside with love.

Travel well friends.