Traveling Within (Again)

Grey veils of clouds blotted out the sun. The rain hesitated with its exit. I drove on. The road is familiar, the terrain unchanged. I maneuvered my car around slower trucks. The radio was off, so in the quiet I could focus my rambling thoughts. The butterflies in my stomach fluttered once again. The closer I got to my destination the further away I wanted to be. Hours passed. I looked out over the horizon to see the patches of sunlight illuminating the hillsides. The car rocketed up and over each hill. For as much as I did not want to take this journey I also knew I needed to.

So many times in our lives we look back with regret. Regret we didn’t say the right words, take the leap of faith or just physically be near someone. I speak of travel often as a movement, “point A to point B” yet travel is so much more than moving yourself to another location. Your inner thoughts travel as well. Look back at an event in your life and see each stop in your mind’s eye.  You did not simply move in one linear direction. Your thoughts on the event begin, then a process of decisions are consciously or sub-consciously made, which usually changes the course of your physical path, and maybe after some time the thought becomes reality within the outer event. Our thoughts are traveling just as our bodies travel.


At the conclusion of my day, I looked back with fondness at the journey my thoughts had been on and although my wants could not match my needs, I felt a weight lifted to make room for some much-needed peace.  My traveling thoughts were home again.

Travel well my friends!

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