New Beginnings


That is the mantra we all hear this time of the year.

Fresh Start

Better Choices


New Beginnings

I am worn out by all the hype. Yes, it is a new year. Yes, 2016 can be viewed as a ‘fresh start’, but why? Why can’t 2016 be another year full of exceptional experiences?

We resolve to get in shape. Why not make choices everyday to do something healthy for yourself? A simple walk, an apple instead of a candy bar, water not soda. Maybe not everything all at once. Choose one simple activity to practice. The beginning of a new year doesn’t need to be the motivation. Loving yourself should be.

Promises are made to ourselves to manage our finances better. Accomplish this everyday. Be thankful for all the monetary blessings in your life, no matter how big or how small. Do not spend beyond your means, even if it feels good. Instant gratification is just that, not a long term gratification. A date on the calendar is not going to magically transform you into Warren Buffett.

A new year=same you

And that is okay.

No, it is more than okay. It is exceptional.

We are creatures of passion. We look for reasons to push ourselves to whatever limit we are reaching for. The world is waiting but first you must be the fastest, the richest, the prettiest, or however you view your goal. I am not saying don’t reach for your dreams and goals. I am saying to be reasonable with yourself.

Failure is also natural. Attempting to find fault in those failures is obsolete. It is an unnecessary negative, in a world of insurmountable negatives. Embracing what does work is just as important as acknowledging what does not.

Allow yourself a break from the Resolution Merry-Go-Round at this time of year. Put away doubt. Enjoy your exceptional qualities. Take today to be you.

Travel well, my friends



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