False Advertising

Culture: the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Workplace Culture: is the environment created by the concepts established and embraced by the firm and the employees alike.


I attended coffee with a group that meets just outside of my office in the common area of the building.  It is a great group of entrepreneurs/business people, gathering on Thursday mornings, indulging in casual discussions.  We have an open forum with businesses volunteering to host (a.k.a. ‘bringing treats’).  Some attendees are regulars, yet there are always numerous new faces.  If you have ever attended any form of a coffee event, you know it is networking at it’s finest.  Your coffee cup gives your nervous hands a mission.  It is early in the morning, so in theory, your mind is fresh and so is your smile.  If you are not fully awake, caffeine consumption is heartily encouraged, so artificial energy is on it’s way to your muddled morning thoughts.  Coffee meetings are a significantly helpful platform for those of us practicing our ‘elevator pitch’, but that is another blog.

Our host today presented a topic for our discussion this morning.  ‘What is workplace culture?’  An excellent question…what is it?  I know what culture is.  What is workplace culture?  I pondered this while listening to the conversation around me.


It did not take me long to piece together my past employment with the information provided.  How did I go from absolute love of a career path to the utter desolation of my sense of purpose?  Was it me?  Was it circumstances?  Was it management?  It suddenly became crystal clear, it was all of the above.  It wasn’t just one component of my career that was askew, it was the culture of my workplace, co-teachers, directors, administration, and of course, me.  The workplace was advertising a culture that did not match the actual workplace culture.  I did not fit into their workplace culture.  I could not lower my standards.  I could not limit my imagination.  I could not participate in destructive behavior.  I could, however, enhance who I was and encourage others to do the same.  In the end of my employment I was devastated that I was not ‘enough’ and it took me months to realize I was ‘enough’, what I was, was not is a good fit for that institution.  My love of teaching is not diminished, if anything, it has grown!

I now own Soul Experiences.  A small business, growing everyday and always looking forward to our future.  So how do I avoid creating workplace culture that does not honestly represent Soul Experiences’ culture?  Before I hire any employees, I can define what Soul Experiences’ culture truly is, I can exude that culture in my work and personal life, I can learn from the false advertising of my past, so I can flourish in my future.


For more insight to Soul Experiences, check us out at www.soul-experiences.com

If you have more questions about your workplace culture please visit Marianne at www.work-warrior.com.

Travel well my friends!

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