I lost my sunglasses today.

No, this is not earth shattering news.  I did not loose my car in a ginormous mall parking lot.  I did not become separated from my beloved child at said mall.  I did not misplace my cell phone…again.

You see, while I am enjoying the great outdoors, I need my sunglasses.  The sun feels harsh on my eyes.  The warmth on my skin feels like magic kisses but my eyes have become dependent on the shade provided by the dark tinted, thin plastic.  The sunlight looses its sharp edges, the burning blast becomes an inviting glow.

Travel can feel like this.  Our dependency on the familiar.  The warmth of excitement, we feel, discovering new places.  The magic of adventures on our journeys.  Although, the harshness of flight delays, the sharp edges of an unknown road, unexpected expenses, are ever present when we step out our doors.  All these components of traveling can impede achieving relaxation we so desperately desire.

Let Soul Experiences be your “sunglasses”.  Let our experience shade you from the harsh reality of traveling.  Journey with us and let us soften the barrier between you and rejuvenation.

Travel well my friends!


P.S. I found relief from the sun after I pulled my shades from the top of my head. 🙂

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