“I cannot change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

This simple quote was my very first blog post exactly one year ago today. As I celebrate the anniversary of my public writing, I contemplate this quote. Let these simple words inspire you to your own “destination”

Travel well my friends.



Yesterday I mentioned perspective in my blog.  Perspective can relate to many different aspects of ones life.  I loved slowing down a little to really appreciate all the different ways I can view my life, my community, my relationships, and my travels. I experienced small children giggling, wind chimes making their music in the breeze, leaves crunching under my feet, the last of the insects attempting to survive the chilly weather, the pride in a project completed, and the energy of my teenage boys (they come into our home like a whirlwind, eat and are gone just as fast!). I love the perspective of this photo.  I love that the small yellow leaf adhered itself to the tinted window of my truck.  My intention was capturing a fallen leaf no longer blowing in the wind but securely stuck to a window. What I actually captured was a different perspective of a quiet neighborhood.    image



So I decided to work in my back yard this afternoon, like research and writing work, not rake leaves work. So I bundle up, grabbed an old quilt and some paperwork and headed outside (you know outside like where the sun shines). I’ve been so engrossed in my work I didn’t even notice till I rolled on to my back and opened my eyes to this pristine site! Make sure you get a different perspective today even if it just for a different view!i



It seeps in to your life like a thief in the night, stealing away your time, your ambition, even your drive to achieve.  The growing pressure distracts you from your goals.  The smallest of tasks seems overwhelming.

Take a stand!  Do not let this vanquisher of dreams into your life. Banish this scoundrel from your spirit!  Let stress melt away from your heart and refocus your soul on happiness.

Remember,…this to shall pass!

Happy Monday!


Traveling Within


Grey veils of clouds blotted out the sun.  The rain hesitated with its exit.  I drove on.  The road is familiar, the terrain unchanged.  I maneuvered my car around slower trucks.  The radio was off, so in the quiet I could focus my rambling thoughts.  The butterflies in my stomach fluttered once again.  The closer I got to my destination the further away I wanted to be.  Hours passed.  I looked out over the horizon to see the patches of sunlight illuminating the hillsides.  The car rocketed up and over each hill.  For as much as I did not want to take this journey I also knew I needed to.

So many times in our lives we look back with regret.  Regret we didn’t say the right words, take the leap of faith or just physically be near someone.  I speak of travel often as a movement, “point A to point B” yet travel is so much more than moving yourself to another location.  Your inner thoughts travel as well.  Look back at an event in your life and see each stop in your mind’s eye.  You did not simply move in one linear direction.  Your thoughts on the event begin, then a process of decisions are consciously or sub-consciously made, which usually changes the course of your physical path, and maybe after some time the thought becomes reality within the outer event. Our thoughts are traveling just as our bodies travel.

At the conclusion of my day, I looked back with fondness at the journey my thoughts had been on and although my wants could not match my needs, I felt a weight lifted to make room for some much-needed peace.  My traveling thoughts were home again.

Travel well my friends!

Life Overwhelming


Your heart is breaking and I cannot stop it.  Your world is crumbling and I cannot piece it back together for you.  Your responsibilities are overwhelming you and I can not take them away.

What I can do is love you, reassure you, support you and lift your spirit.  I have not walked in your shoes but I will always walk beside you.  My words are hollow but my heart is full, full of love and understanding for you.  I will shoulder all the hurt I can for you.  I will hold you up when you feel you cannot stand a moment longer.  The strength you must exude will bring you to your knees.  Your tears will come from a well deep within you.  And in all the hurt you will find hope, faith and a love you never knew your heart could hold.  The faces that smile at you will embolden your passions.  The hands that hold tightly to yours will lift your sorrow.  The laughter you hear will be the sweetest sound you have ever heard.  This is your time to straighten your back and make decisions for yourself and yourself alone.  These choices will uplift you and the people who love you.  It is not the end….it is the beginning!

I can tell you, without a doubt or hesitation, when you make it through this, life will only get better.  There is no worse.  There is only light.  It is hard to see at first but it is there and it will cocoon you in it’s warmth.  This peace you find will be worth the hell because you have come through the worst.  No matter where your path leads you, no matter the path you choose, I will be there.  Right beside you.


Autumn Rain


It is raining here.  It is a gentle, steady rain.  One that makes you want to curl up under the blankets and read for a while.  It is not the stormy violent rain. It is not the foggy, drizzly rain.  It is gentle, cleansing, even refreshing.  I do not pretend to predict the weather but I am sure I enjoy the varied and numerous events.  Travel is like the weather.  It can be foggy and drizzly, not sure where you are going or even trapped in an seemingly endless guided tour, where all you truly want is to see what the people across the way are engaged in.  It can be intense, almost violent, unending lines at airports, military occupied regions,….shopping malls.  Hopefully most of your travels, like mine, are the kind that make you feel warm and cozy, on the inside.  Whether you are skydiving over Australia or swinging in a hammock on a lonely stretch of beach somewhere, make sure you are getting the most soulful and completing experience wherever you are.