The calm of the early morning hours in my home are some of the most reflective moments I have in a day. Not the scramble of waking teenagers or the preparing for the day but the dark quiet time before the day really begins.
My alarm is the first to sound in the dark of the morning, waking me to a groggy wakefulness that I am sure resembles the ambling of the living dead. Soon my zombie like stumbling straightens out and I am more human, if still groggy. This time of moving through the quiet of my home I feel peaceful. I usually sit in my sunroom, wrapped up in a blanket, either reading or writing.
I look deep within myself in these precious minutes, searching for inspiration to guide my day. It is a time for my soul to refresh. These few soulful moments help to guide my day and focus my heart in all I do. Then, the days “to-do-list” starts running through my mind, a never ending barrage of chores, and I know my day is officially beginning.
Let the calm of your thoughts help refresh your soul and guide you in all you do.

Road Trips

It is a glorious day. The sun has made a magnificent return to the sky. No longer veiled by immense clouds, the blue above me is intense. Autumn is in full swing. College football is on the television. The leaves are beginning their colorful change. The air has lost the oppressive heat that engulfs this area during the summer months.

Traveling during this time of the year is spectacular. The continuous green of the hillsides have changed to hues of green, yellow, brown, and orange. Splashes of red will soon follow as the sumac ignites. Road trips are a great way to familiarize yourself with the area you live. Stopping in the small towns that dot the highways can reveal to you more surprises than you may expect. Keep the adventure going by checking into a local B & B, simply for the sake of curiosity. Great food can always be found in the corner cafes or local pub. Just get out there in this big wide world and enjoy yourself. You may find your road trip is a refreshing soul experience.

Travel well my friends.


Rainy Days


It is raining here.  It is a gentle, steady rain.  One that makes you want to curl up under the blankets and read for a while.  It is not the stormy violent rain. It is not the foggy, drizzly rain.  It is gentle, cleansing, even refreshing.  I do not pretend to predict the weather but I am sure I enjoy the varied and numerous events.  Travel is like the weather.  It can be foggy and drizzly, not sure where you are going or even trapped in an seemingly endless guided tour, where all you truly want is to see what the people across the way are engaged in.  It can be intense, almost violent, unending lines at airports, military occupied regions,….shopping malls.  Hopefully most of your travels, like mine, are the kind that make you feel warm and cozy, on the inside.  Whether you are skydiving over Australia or swinging in a hammock on a lonely stretch of beach somewhere, make sure you are getting the most soulful and completing experience wherever you are.




I remember where I was 13 years ago. I know what I was doing. I can still feel the cold of the wood trim on my hand as I steadied myself while the news exploded with graphic images of destruction. I remember calling loved ones just to hear their voices. I remember worrying about the loved ones who could not be reached.

Our world changed that day.

I will always remember this day but I refuse to let it limit me. I love having tasks scheduled on this day. I intentionally keep busy with my activities. I make sure I continue to live on this day. It is a day for me to reflect and be proud. I reflect on the senseless loss. I take pride in knowing we are a stronger community of survivors. I make time to remember those who have lost so much. I am thankful for their strength.

Take time today to remember. Take time to reach out to loved ones. Take time to celebrate all this great nation offers each and every one of us.

(The above picture is the inside of the Nebraska’s capitol building dome, where I write this excerpt today) To learn more about Nebraska or our numerous travel opportunities contact us at Soul Experiences




Thanks HyVee Chinese fortune cookies!

The fun fact about this ‘fortune’ is that the above foretelling happened at two different times of the day but were both my fortunes (yes I had the same take out twice in one day).  I’m pretty sure that my travel paths will not be in straight lines of North and South so watch out East and West, I’m coming your way also!

Let your travel plans be open to all directions and remember, sometimes the best wisdom comes from unexpected places.



And So It Begins


The leaves are starting their final burst of spectacular colors.  The greens are turning to the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds.  Nights have become cooler with the promise of chilly temps arriving sooner than we expected.  The graceful moonbeams of North America’s last Supermoon shone down on the Great Plains with eerie luminosity, bathing everything in a silver radiance.  Rain washes the summer heat away, til we are left with soggy patches of intermingled grass and fallen leaves.

This is the beginning of the end of summer and I couldn’t be happier!  Bring on the sights and sounds of harvest time.  Let the nights grow longer and colder.  I embrace the change from growing season to restful dormancy.

Let your soul be rejuvenated by this beautiful time of the year, and of course…

Travel well my friends!

Ribs, Rods, and Rock N’ Roll

Vermillion rods pic

The quiet little college town of Vermillion South Dakota came alive with the sounds of music, the tastes of BBQ and the sights of shiny chrome bumpers, this weekend.  It is a new festival that is literally “off the beaten path”.  We had a wonderful time connecting with new friends and enjoying time together.  The food was amazing, the music was energizing and the community was welcoming.  The whole experience left us wanting to linger longer on our ‘mini-cation’ (Monday always comes to soon).

Be sure to give Soul Experiences a call to reserve your next adventure away!  We had a great time and would love to have you come along for our next journey!  Next stop….Lincoln Nebraska, for our Husker Staycation then on to Nebraska City for a taste of Autumn on our Apple and Wine Excursion.  Check out for all the details of our upcoming fall tours.

Travel well my friends

Bring Home Travel


“Every step we take is a step closer to discovering who we are meant to be.”

Our travels with Soul Experiences takes us all over this vast world.  It is sheer joy to experience new destinations with fellow travelers.  Immersing yourself in another culture with patience and understanding feels easier to accomplish when you are not alone.  While we journey to our next discovery our feet trod across any number of surfaces.  Who walked here before us?  What did this road look like before it was paved?  Where will this path lead?  Our feet kiss the earth with determination, taking with them every place we have graced.

It is a soulful moment when you arrive home only to find you have brought a little of the foreign land with you.  As you wash your travel worn clothes, unpacking all your treasures, settling back into your ‘real’ life, you reveal to yourself the magic of a smear of mud.  Not just the grime of the place you call home but the smudge from half a world away.  

The rejuvenation of travel feeds our spirits, our souls, the part of us that makes us…us.  Bringing home the experiences of our travels reminds we must move forward everyday.  Moving ever toward the person we are meant to become.

Travel well my friends.  

Surround Yourself


Whatever it is that makes you whole, surround yourself.  Whatever it is that lifts you up, surround yourself.  Whatever it is that drives you to be better, surround yourself.

For it is not in the world that defines us. It is inside us that defines who we are and what we become.  We are challenged to be more than what we were yesterday.  We are inspired to be more than what we were.  We are created to be us, the very best us we can be.  Do not dwell on the negative, the hurt or the fear in your life.  Brush those things aside and be…more!

Surround yourself with love and love will surround you all of your days.