Inevitability Of Time

Okay I wear many hats. Some of you know them. I am a friend, a daughter, a writer, a sister, a traveler plus many others but above all I am a mother.  I love being a mom. Once I held my first born son I wanted nothing more than to be a mom! I mean I wanted to be a “super mom”! If you have experienced that magical time of snuggling, nuzzling, and yes even that ‘deep-inhalation-smelling-of-their-soft-sweet-head’ you completely believe you can take on the world!  There were sleepless nights and tears, it was not all sweet baby fun. In fact most of it was the hardest time of my life!

Then they became teenagers and my world shifted so severely on it’s axis I almost fell off! Teenagers are not for the faint of heart!  Living with teenage boys is like living in a bee hive.  Picture this, a cup of tea, cozy blanket, comfy spot on the couch with my favorite book (okay any book will do) 🙂 Then the boys get home from school….the noise volume ratchets up 100 decibels, backpacks thud, shoes kicked off at the door, quick hugs hello from 3 giants that resemble those adorable babies I used to tote around on a hip, and then the inevitable question erupts “Mom is there anything to eat?” The question muffled by the sound of it echoing off the back of the open refrigerator.  Those are the moments no one shared with you as your tummy grew to the size of a beach ball.  Yet that instant of near chaos transcends to normal because if it didn’t happen my life would be empty.  It is the day of another birthday that I look with pure joy on those beloved teenagers and it reminds me of how blessed I am.  I have books on raising boys, twins, children, etc.,  nothing can prepare you for the inevitability of time. It is the fact that I am calmer, like a seasoned pro.  I guess I am learning, I hope they are too.

Happy Birthday, my son!


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