The calm of the early morning hours in my home are some of the most reflective moments I have in a day. Not the scramble of waking teenagers or the preparing for the day but the dark quiet time before the day really begins.
My alarm is the first to sound in the dark of the morning, waking me to a groggy wakefulness that I am sure resembles the ambling of the living dead. Soon my zombie like stumbling straightens out and I am more human, if still groggy. This time of moving through the quiet of my home I feel peaceful. I usually sit in my sunroom, wrapped up in a blanket, either reading or writing.
I look deep within myself in these precious minutes, searching for inspiration to guide my day. It is a time for my soul to refresh. These few soulful moments help to guide my day and focus my heart in all I do. Then, the days “to-do-list” starts running through my mind, a never ending barrage of chores, and I know my day is officially beginning.
Let the calm of your thoughts help refresh your soul and guide you in all you do.

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