Road Trips

It is a glorious day. The sun has made a magnificent return to the sky. No longer veiled by immense clouds, the blue above me is intense. Autumn is in full swing. College football is on the television. The leaves are beginning their colorful change. The air has lost the oppressive heat that engulfs this area during the summer months.

Traveling during this time of the year is spectacular. The continuous green of the hillsides have changed to hues of green, yellow, brown, and orange. Splashes of red will soon follow as the sumac ignites. Road trips are a great way to familiarize yourself with the area you live. Stopping in the small towns that dot the highways can reveal to you more surprises than you may expect. Keep the adventure going by checking into a local B & B, simply for the sake of curiosity. Great food can always be found in the corner cafes or local pub. Just get out there in this big wide world and enjoy yourself. You may find your road trip is a refreshing soul experience.

Travel well my friends.


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