I remember where I was 13 years ago. I know what I was doing. I can still feel the cold of the wood trim on my hand as I steadied myself while the news exploded with graphic images of destruction. I remember calling loved ones just to hear their voices. I remember worrying about the loved ones who could not be reached.

Our world changed that day.

I will always remember this day but I refuse to let it limit me. I love having tasks scheduled on this day. I intentionally keep busy with my activities. I make sure I continue to live on this day. It is a day for me to reflect and be proud. I reflect on the senseless loss. I take pride in knowing we are a stronger community of survivors. I make time to remember those who have lost so much. I am thankful for their strength.

Take time today to remember. Take time to reach out to loved ones. Take time to celebrate all this great nation offers each and every one of us.

(The above picture is the inside of the Nebraska’s capitol building dome, where I write this excerpt today) To learn more about Nebraska or our numerous travel opportunities contact us at Soul Experiences

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