Four Simple Words


I felt it in my heart this morning as I groggily stretched this old body out of slumber into wakefulness.  It was whispering in the deep corners of my mind and pressing on my soul.  It is not an easy feeling to hold on to.  It will come and go from my heart, as I am sure it does in yours.  Four simple words.  Those four simple words start as one word.  Peace.  It is a concept, a feeling, a righteous goal, a mountainous task.  Peace.  The word seems simple enough.  Why is this simple word so hard to express in our lives?  Where does this “feeling” of peace go when life feels more like an uphill battle than a walk in the park?  I do not have those answers.  I continue to explore my world in search of inspiration.  So this morning I added three more words to it as I posted to my friends on Facebook.  I wanted to see where this statement would lead me.

Peace be with you.

I am not asking for world peace.  I am not stating I have peace.  Just four simple words….Peace be with you.  May you carry it with you today, tomorrow and always.  May the forgiveness that embodies peace surround you.  May you find in your daily routines, peace.  I want these four simple words for all people.  I want peace to go with you in your heart and stay with you, always.

Peace be with you.

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