Career Longevity


How long are most careers?  I know when I was younger, most adults taught me, that careers are a lifelong commitment.  Most people may change companies after 15-20 years but you stayed in your chosen profession.  As I aged and neared the workforce, the perception of career longevity shifted.  The time spent with each company was reduced from the aforementioned to 8-10 years, with a sprinkling of late-in-life total career changes.

Now as I sit writing to you, I being near “middle-aged”, and only in the job market for 20 years, am enjoying my third career.  This is not what I learned when I was young.  You choose a field of expertise and spent your working career perfecting it.  Several friends and family have also enjoyed numerous careers in their lifetimes.  What does this say about the changing marketplace for the new incoming college graduates?  Is it reasonable for a 20-something, young adult to spend $50,000 every few years on college educations for new career paths?

The ever changing climate of America’s working class dictates the longevity of someone’s career.  I expect it will shift again, leaving room for more growth within our society.  I love to see the excitement in someone’s eyes as they begin a journey to new discovery.  Whether it is a new career path, or learning a new aspect of a current career, we all should keep learning and growing in our careers.

Travel well my friends.

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