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It is no secret, Autumn is my favorite season. Changing colors, cooler temperatures, homey scents wafting through the air, awakens in me my slumbering soul.

Traveling far and wide I love coming home to leaves of different vibrant hues. Reminding me of all the unique qualities of our neighbors. Each of us has it within us to be vibrant. Embrace your our uniqueness. Stand out from the crowd. Be thankful for who you are today, striving to be more each day.

Travel well my friends!



Bowling, fishing, biking, skiing, boating, knitting, scrapbooking,….the lists of pastimes could go on and on.  This past weekend I participated in a pastime that I have come to love, Cowboy Action Shooting.

I have not talked about this pastime very often in a public forum because I was raised to think quite differently about firearms. Society and the media have attempted to paint the issue of the 2nd Amendment in a black and white.  I still believe that the grey areas of this ongoing debate have yet to be determined.  I have no use for guns. I do not own a gun and believed there is absolutely no reason for anyone to own one.  I was raised with the belief that guns were created for one purpose and one purpose only, and that purpose has no place in my household.  Then I met him….

He came into my life as a friend, we started getting to know each other and then the most amazing thing happened to me, I fell in love with him.  He introduced me to this pastime/sport shortly after we met but it was another few years before I even attended a match. Looking back I am sure he tempted me with clothes!

For all the hesitance I displayed about firearms, I feel the exact opposite about costuming.  I love costuming!  It has been a lifetime, yes a lifetime (I literally have a black dress from my childhood that is now in my costume wardrobe) of building different costumes for various events.  I have enough costumes to start a small store.  If I don’t have what you might need to help you change your persona, I know enough similarly costume addicted individuals that can help us out.  So when I learned costumes were strongly encouraged and sometimes required for Cowboy Action Shooting I was intrigued.


I started this learning process as rigorously as I begin any unknown project….lots of research.  I read about the sport, the clothing, the era, and yes, the guns, with the same fervor of a law student preparing for the Bar Exam.  After months of study, I acquired a costume and took a very deep breath, ready to attend my very first Cowboy Action Shooting event (match).

I started out as an observer, watching the routines, the safety procedures, and of course, the fun.  Away from the matches with a private instructor, on a private range, I learned the fine art of safely handling the guns, specific to the sport.  I was then practice shooting after my instructors felt I was ready.  At the matches I was soon keeping score, counting misses, picking up brass and helping anywhere I could. Basically I was a full-fledged shootist without firing a gun.  Finally after a beautiful summer of Sundays at the range I decided I was ready for my first competition.


This pastime has taught me another outlook on my belief structure. I feel the shootists I have met are celebrating a very volatile time in United States history.  Not all of history is peaceful, much of it is violent, but in amongst the tragedies there are stories of perseverance, dedication, love and heroism.  As a settler in the Wild West it was imperative to you and your families survival to use the best tools available to you, from wagon wheels to guns, your survival depended on your choices.  Cowboy Action Shooting allows the people of present day to celebrate another time and place that helped shape what this country is today.

I will not say my view on guns has changed drastically but my appreciation for another viewpoint has changed immensely.  I will continue to grow in this sport with a love of history and costuming to support my desire to learn everyday.

For more detailed information of this historical pastime go to with great links to CAS, SASS and NCOWS clubs.

Soul Experiences

Inevitability Of Time

Okay I wear many hats. Some of you know them. I am a friend, a daughter, a writer, a sister, a traveler plus many others but above all I am a mother.  I love being a mom. Once I held my first born son I wanted nothing more than to be a mom! I mean I wanted to be a “super mom”! If you have experienced that magical time of snuggling, nuzzling, and yes even that ‘deep-inhalation-smelling-of-their-soft-sweet-head’ you completely believe you can take on the world!  There were sleepless nights and tears, it was not all sweet baby fun. In fact most of it was the hardest time of my life!

Then they became teenagers and my world shifted so severely on it’s axis I almost fell off! Teenagers are not for the faint of heart!  Living with teenage boys is like living in a bee hive.  Picture this, a cup of tea, cozy blanket, comfy spot on the couch with my favorite book (okay any book will do) 🙂 Then the boys get home from school….the noise volume ratchets up 100 decibels, backpacks thud, shoes kicked off at the door, quick hugs hello from 3 giants that resemble those adorable babies I used to tote around on a hip, and then the inevitable question erupts “Mom is there anything to eat?” The question muffled by the sound of it echoing off the back of the open refrigerator.  Those are the moments no one shared with you as your tummy grew to the size of a beach ball.  Yet that instant of near chaos transcends to normal because if it didn’t happen my life would be empty.  It is the day of another birthday that I look with pure joy on those beloved teenagers and it reminds me of how blessed I am.  I have books on raising boys, twins, children, etc.,  nothing can prepare you for the inevitability of time. It is the fact that I am calmer, like a seasoned pro.  I guess I am learning, I hope they are too.

Happy Birthday, my son!


Full Swing Autumn


The nights are cool, the vistas change daily, the sky is bluer, the yellows are brighter. It is autumn! Pumpkins and apples grace store shelves. Hoodies snuggle over your head to help you stay by the fire a few minutes longer.

This is the time of the year to allow your heart to be thankful for all that you have. Watch the gently falling leaves kiss the ground. Harvest the last of your garden. Smell the scents of apple cider, pumpkin bread, bonfires, warm coffee and all the treats of fall.

Travel is spectacular from ground, sea and air! Get out there and enjoy it!

Travel well my friends!


Simple Treasures


Travel moves my soul.  It makes me feel alive.  It helps me to gain perspective on our big wide world.  I desire travel like I desire my children’s happiness.  The mountains call to me, the beach beckons, faraway lands whisper for me to explore.  The path that was not taken will always be my favorite passage.  I want to stumble through snow in July and trudge through the tropics in February.  I want to venture to the top of the next ridge and look over an unexplored valley.  I need to board a train with no particular destination in mind. 

On this day I wish you happiness, inner peace and a sense of adventure in all you do.  Even if travel is not your inspiration, enjoy the simple treasures around you.  They abound even when life is crashing over you, there will always be a blessing for you.  Look closely and enjoy the day.

Travel well my friends.

Autumn Travels


Serenity fills my heart as I look over the valleys. I am on the road again. It feels good, it feels right, like I am at home. My TV reception is the ever changing vista out my window. The fridge is icy cold and within my reach. The sun shines in on my shoulder, warming my skin. A calm has come over the vehicle, sleeping teenagers help.

Autumn has swept over the countryside. Fields are turning a yellowish green with a dusting of brown. Sunflowers, Goldenrod, and Black Eyed Susans are in full bloom, dotting the hills with bright yellow patches. This beautiful season has just begun and I feel refreshed. The cooler temperatures beckoned me to leave my air-conditioned home for one more family adventure in the great outdoors. Friends, gatherings, relaxation and adventure await when we arrive. Until then I will enjoy the journey in all it’s splendor!

Where will your travels take you? Are you dreaming of tropical beaches to stretch your toes in the sand or the powder of freshly fallen snow, enticing you to play? 2015 promises to be an extraordinary year at Soul Experiences . From one day excursions to winter weeklong escapes, we look forward to hearing from each of you about your travel desires and accomplishments!

Travel well my friends!

Travel Teaser

Soul Experiences

Brochures, fliers, posters, invading your dreams. Pop-ups, e-mails, social media posts, inundating your technology. The world is calling to come and explore. There is never a perfect time, the time is now. There is always something around the next corner. Snowflakes on you cheeks in Norway. Saltwater on your toes in Australia. Your breath caught inside your throat at the first sight of an ancient Aztec temple. Your pride over flowing as you stride in historic footsteps. The reasons to trod in new places are many. Feel the breeze off the Sahara Desert. Taste the exotic flavors of far away hillsides. Listen to the buzz of Tokyo Japan.

My travel lists are growing longer the more I travel. I check off one site, just to learn of three new “must see” sites. That is fine with me I will add more lines to my list and keep on traveling.  Soul…

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