Majestic Black Hills


The beauty of the land beckons you to stay. The clarity of the vistas encourages you to linger. The sounds of voices speaking various languages evokes pride in the country that you call home.

I do not remember well my first visit to Mount Rushmore. In fact I do not recall that family vacation at all. Except the towering faces of the men carved in the side of a mountain. I was to young to understand the meaning of the artwork emblazoned on the face of a rock cliff. Now as an adult I look with wonder at the perfect blending of art with engineering. The tools used to transform a solid natural mountain face into a man made work of art were clumsy but expertly wielded. The artists vision a mere six foot tall sculpture, enlarged for the world to see.

I often marvel at the innovation of people. The vision of one person, the organizing of a multitude, the completion of a goal, the development of the vision and the lasting impression on a great number of individuals.

Let us all remember to be the ‘visionary’, the ‘developer’, the ‘organizer’, or the ‘voices’ of the impression. Go, travel, learn and tell your stories!

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