Sunday Inspirations


I love Sunday mornings!  It is a meditative time for me.  I feel the beginning of the week will start as soon as I finish my morning devotions.  Whether I am in a church, traveling, or in my church home, I feel once I have taken the time to spend some time “talking” to my Lord I am ready to start a new week.  The world will hurl numerous roadblocks at me in my life. It is my responsibility to be as ready as I can be to take on whatever is in my road of life.

This Sunday is the end of my travel week.  I love stirring memories from my childhood travels.  I was very young the last time I was in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Memories of family time floated to the surface of my mind as I walked the path to view Mount Rushmore.  That feeling of deja vu was intensely followed by the feeling of excitement from my explorations.

Look for more South Dakota excerpts starting tomorrow, as I showcase this neighbor to the north of Nebraska.  Have a blessed Sunday, in all you do.

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