Iowa The Beautiful


Iowa has more to offer than most people know about.  The epicenter of Iowa lies as close to the geographically middle of the state, as you can get.  Des Moines is the hub of interstates, situated on the convergence of two major rivers in the area.  Shopping, industry, arts, festivals, education…the list of attractions goes on and on.  I invite you to step outside this metropolitan hub.  The small communities within 60 miles of Des Moines city limits are plentiful and diverse.

wpid-20140729_181656.jpgMy travels led me to English inspired gardens, hidden towers overlooking valleys, famous birthplaces, violent historical sites, and so much more.  Pride abounds in these small communities.  Heritage of the original settlers is evident in the architecture, attractions, and festivals.  Walking the paths of famous Americans, you get a sense of connection.  Outdoor activities abound 365 days a year.  Wildflowers are blooming on the snowmobile paths in July and ice skating rinks are fishing holes today.  In the spring, Holland is the focal point of celebration.  Descendants from Germany reminisce during October with plenty to do and see. 


Choose your favorite season and wind your way through the Loess Hills.  Emerging green leaves cast a hue upon the winter grey trees in the spring.  Summer is alive with various shades of green splashed with thousands of tiny wildflowers.  The most spectacular season in this beautiful area must be the explosion of the autumnal foliage.  If travel plans are in your future, my recommendation is plotting a course through the Loess Hills in the fall.  The trees are pristine, the attractions are in full swing and the weather has lost the muggy summer heat. 

Soul Experiences is dedicated to hunting the most treasured gems of travel.  Inspiring history, calming nature, bustling cities, seasonal favorites, and more than you may have imagined, we are designing travel just for you. Soul Experiences loves to hear from you!  Email or call us and share with us your travel adventures.  We will compile your best recommendations in our travel journal and pass travel savings on to you when you travel with us! 

Travel well my friends! 

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