“Ogres are like onions…onions have layers, ogres have layers…we both have layers!” -Shrek

The hills rose up to touch the heavy clouds that rested on the earth.  As I looked over the panorama, from the crest of another hill, I thought of layers.  My mind slowly playing through layer references.  Ogres.  That is all my brain focused on.  Maybe it was the company of my fourteen year olds, that inspired my thoughts.  Memories of watching the big, green ogre, with my small boys who grew up in the Shrek era.

The scene was a welcome sight for me during these hot summer months.  Leaving Council Bluffs, Iowa, we drove in beautiful layers of fog that left me feeling ensconced with the world.  The air looked more like a scene from the Halloween season than a mid-summer haze.  The hills spectacularly separated by white and grey collections of vapor.  I-80 east of Des Moines is a beautiful drive.  I love the feeling of rolling up and down the hills.  The speed of driving on an interstate is pure joy to me, especially when a destination is waiting for me to explore. 

Soul Experiences will be traveling over these same hills in October on our way to Chicago for Chicagoween!  With stops in Des Moines and Davenport Iowa, exploring historic landmarks while we immerse ourselves in this autumn’s splendor.  We have an exceptional journey planned full of fun, food, history and of course spooktacular haunts!  It is our Fall Extravaganza with plenty for everyone one to enjoy!  Come check out all our professionally designed tours on for a new perspective on group travels.  If you have not traveled with us before now is a perfect time to journey with us to destinations that are “off the beaten path”!  If you have traveled with us, it is a great season to experience all the new tours we have designed in celebration of beautiful beginnings!

Shrek had it right, he has many layers.  An insight all of us can embrace, complex humans that we are.  We all have “layers” helping shape who we are.  We are not just our outward appearances.  We are amazingly layered souls.  Be sure to feed your soul!

Travel well my friends.


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