We are travelers.  We embrace peace.  We are humble.  We desire acceptance. 

Our world is wrought with uncertainty.  The news of unrest in countries around the world saddens our hearts.  Regions we have visited are tumultuous with violence.  Cultures have been rocked by hatred. People have lost their lives or lives of loved ones, loss of even one life in violence is far too many lost.  Landmarks have been marred by fighting.  History is being erased visually because of greed.

We, of Soul Experiences, would like to offer our prayers of peace to all who are or have been affected by any form of violence.  Our heartfelt wish is for peace.  Let us all pray, in whatever fashion, for healing and for the olive branch of peace to be extended to all in need of guidance.  Quiet your mind, even for a moment, to be thankful for everything you have.  Please keep your hearts and minds open to the worlds needs around us. 

Peace be with you and with the world.

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