Morning Commute

Yesterday I came across a flock of geese crossing the road during my morning commute. This would not be noteworthy if I traveled through anywhere except city center. A half mile from my home, one block north of the main road, in the heart of the city, geese lingered in the street. My first reaction to the truck ahead of me was annoyance. It stopped in the seemingly empty street, then slowly swerved left of the waterfowl. As the truck moved beyond the parade, my annoyance melted into a smile. The waddling gaggle looked so out of place in amongst the houses and manicured lawns that I couldn’t stop my grin.

Remember to keep an open mind to the world around you. You may not see the reasons for someone else’s actions right away. Most of the time another’s actions are not negative to you but positive to them or others.

Travel well my friends.


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