Small Town Kansas


My travels took me through the rolling hills of northern, central Kansas.  Stopping occasionally for little points of interest, I quickly realized someone’s quirkiness is probably someone else’s pride.

I came across a small rural community that beckoned me to leave the blacktop highway for a visit.  As I drove down ‘main street’ the sounds of the passing traffic lessened and gave way to children’s voices and a mower chewing up a resident’s lawn.  The city park was quietly entertaining a few children as caregivers chatted under the picnic shelter.  I found an empty picnic shelter of my own and settled in for writing inspiration.  Needless to say it wasn’t there.  So, leaving my respite, I wandered down the street to what seemed to be the town’s gas station.  Looking for a Dr. Pepper to quench my thirst the first thing I noticed when I walked through the door is the aroma was more of a bait shop then convenience store.  The outside appearance of this establishment was unadorned.  The inside, however, was a spectacle.  Not only can you re-fuel your vehicle, you can pick up lunch, dress a wound, bait a hook, or buy a fishing hook for that matter!  You can also choose a new light fixture for your home, buy a souvenir to take to that home, and then indulge in a custom blended, soft-serve ice cream cone (if you can get past the fishy smell)!

All in all my stop in Randolph Kansas was not what I expected but an adventure in the unknown.


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