Scenic Kansas

The road climbs up to carve through the sandstone layered on the top of the hills.  Shale flakes litter the shoulder of the blacktop.  I see trees growing through the crevices of the rock and wonder at our natural world.  The determination of the vegetation.

Every ten miles or so another group of houses are situated along the highway.  Growing over the years into small towns.  Welcoming signs greet weary travelers.  Convenience stores planted firmly right off the two lane road.  No two towns look the same but the feel is very similar.  Leaving the highway and venturing into town, I find landmarks of historic value or architectural anomalies embraced by the residents.

This is the northern tip of the Flint Hills in Kansas.  The vistas flow on for miles.  Prairies stretch on as far as the eye can see.  Following Highway 77 south takes me skirting past Turtle Creek Lake and Milford Lake before landing in Junction City.  This growing Kansas city has balanced the historical nature of The Flint Hills with a family friendly atmosphere.  I was intrigued and surprised to find the 1800’s blending seamlessly with the modernized city.  Whether you choose to shop the day away or entertain the kids with outdoor activities Junction City offers it all.  I would recommend a leisurely drive and relaxing weekend in this spectacular area, your adventure awaits!



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