Productivity Derailed #2


I thought of ‘cheating’ with my blog today.  I scrolled through my archived posts, looking for the perfect re-blog.  I had “Productivity Derailed” in mind because that is my state of mind today.  As I clicked the appropriate buttons to make the magical technology fairies re-blog my chosen ramblings, I started to re-read the post.  It spoke of snowflakes, and Christmas gifts, snuggling down with a book under a blanket…..the wind was sucked out of my lazy sails! 

I can’t, in good conscience, re-blog a favorite excerpt on a hot, muggy, summer day.  A day that started too late.  A day that requires yoga pants at the office.  A day that is of my own creating.  I was not distracted by softly falling snow.  I was not enjoying my cup of hot tea, under a blanket, ensconced in my warm home. 

So I will attempt to boost my productivity.  I will not take the easy route with my tasks today.  I will not re-blog a wonderful memory of a winter day.  I will keep my motivation moving with new, fresh, thoughts.  I know that my less-than-stellar days will be surrounded with productive days.  

I am continually reminded of how easily I can be distracted and how well I rebound from those distractions.  Have a productively happy day!

image  Yes, these are pictures of my dresses, while I was being less than productive and easily distracted.

Travel well my friends!

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