Road Work

Soul Experiences


Summer can mean only one thing….road construction.  As I creep up to, yet another, sign holding, brightly clad, hard hat wearing worker, my mind races to the amount of precious time I am wasting.  I sit in my car.  I scroll through emails.  I mindlessly change the channel on the radio.  I am too easily distracted to bring a book along for the marathons of delays.  I don’t want to miss anything interesting going on outside my little car’s windows.  So I sit.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I am eternally grateful to all the hard working women and men on our country’s roads.  I respect them for the intense work that they do.  I know in the end of it all our travel times will be improved and all will be right for this travel enthusiast.  But right now trying to be patient, trying to envision the light at the…

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