Nebraska Aware


Last night, as I watched old movies with my teenage sons, I randomly checked Facebook on my phone. A storm was coming through our area and FB was alive with fresh pictures of the eerie cloud formations hovering over friends homes.

Seeing the boiling, rippling grey heaviness of yet another summer thunderstorm, I couldn’t help but think of the acuteness of a native Nebraskan’s internal weather radar. We really don’t need a report from the ‘experts’. Most of us just step out our front doors and you just know if the weather will turn angry. A vast majority of us participate in some sort of weather watching. Some avid chasers hunt down the next big storm, placing themselves in danger just to report back to the media to help keep thousands safe. Here in Tornado Alley we don’t have much notice, if any, of the severity of a storm until it is howling at our back doors, and pounding on our roofs.

I have grown up with this weather threat always looming on the horizon. In recent months the stories of Nebraska’s storms have been National news. It has been a very severe spring/summer. Yet we will endure, embrace and rebuild when necessary. Always with one eye on the sky.


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