Have Tech, Will Travel

A four day weekend with a holiday squished in can only mean one thing…ROADTRIP!!! 

So for weeks, I and my dear friend, have been planning our weekend away. The two of us, joined by two more friends are tent camping, old school style.  Not just loading a camper or RV to hit the open road but two trucks, one huge 12’x16′ canvas tent with rough hewn poles, massive amounts of food and drink in five separate coolers, camp chairs, more fireworks than reasonably needed, and of course a small air conditioning unit so I don’t melt.

With the trucks loaded and the open road waiting I sit back to enjoy the ride.  I am in the back seat of the truck, packed in like the pillows, swim bags, chips and bread.  My feet resting on flag poles. My work bag pressed against my knee reminding me of the mobility of my business.  I have all my work technology with me plus all my personal tech equipment, which consists of a cheap tablet and a cell phone.  Which seems reasonable enough.  But let us quickly take stock of what the tech contents are of this motorcade.  In this truck alone there are four cell phones, one tablet, a laptop, an iPad.  Let us not forget the technology of the truck alone, multiple charge ports, ‘smart screens’ displaying everything from the grade of terrain to the temperature outside, not to mention the sound system that rivals my home stereo.

Now I have never said I will be unplugged for my long weekend but camping to ‘get away’ seems lost on me.  I promised to put the tech away when we arrived but nothing saying I can’t enjoy civilization for a little longer!

Have a remarkable weekend, whatever you choose to do for Independence Day here in the States!

Travel well my friends! 

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