I am a planner.  I am not a ‘fair weather’ planner, not a sometimes-if-the-task-requires-it planner.  I am a full fledged, sit-down-with-a-pen-and-paper list maker!  I love to plan the details, from grocery lists to multi day vacations for multiple families.  I love to plan.   I plan parties, international travels, family outings, birthdays, showers, church functions, shopping trips, weddings, volunteer benefits, funerals, reunions, vacations, business events, children’s events, you name it I have planned for it.  It is in my nature, it is in my DNA, it is part of who I am.

I feel my business partner and I balance each other nicely.  At today’s owners meeting (which I planned) we discussed topics related to our business, Soul Experiences.  During the meeting the subject of “what our roles are” came up.  I have always thought of my partner, who also happens to be my mother, as futuristic.  She is always thinking of ways to change/grow our business.  She will have an idea, bring it up to me and before you know it we are off and running on a new project.  I am the planner.  I work out all the fine details of how we get from her vision, to our finished product.  We are a great team as professional travel planners and tour guides.

I feel blessed to have this talent and love of planning.  I am very lucky to also have a passion almost as great for travel as well.

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