It is rare in my day to have the extravagance of quietly sitting, to contemplate my life.  My days are spent rushing, loving, worrying, planning, counseling, tweaking, socializing, researching, networking, and just plain living.  Yet I am never just idle.

Today is different.  Today I have chosen to take time to listen to nothing, to envision comfortable light (darkness is oppressive to me), move nowhere and just breathe.  It is not for a great length of time that I will luxuriate in this state of meditation, but it will be quiet.  Time will stand still or so it will seem.  The world will continue to spin.  Outside my window the community I embrace will carry on without me for a little while.

I celebrated a birthday a few days ago and part of my gift from a dear friend was, time to myself.  I was treated to a professional massage.  The kind where the massage therapist leaves you in a deeply shadowed room, where gentle music fills your ears, with instructions for you to “disrobe to your level of comfort”.  It was a heavenly gift.  Unfortunately, I spent so much of it thinking why I don’t do this more often.  Instead of clearing my mind of all the random thoughts churning away inside my skull, I kept thinking this is a gift I should indulge in more often.

So in remembrance of my exquisitely relaxing spa treatment, I will set time aside to meditate.  I want to focus on my inner strength so I can more effectively engage in my outer strength.

We, as a society, do not often take the time to fully ‘recharge’ our batteries.  That leaves us feeling stressed and worn.  To live our optimum lives we need to re-energize, refocus, rejuvenate, our souls.  Take time to focus on yourself for the benefit of yourself.  Engage in activities that help you to be the best you can be both physically and emotionally.

Travel well my friends!


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