This world is filled with doubt, hate and evil, please don’t contribute. 

The words that leave your mouth or flow from your fingers leave an impression with all who absorb them.  It seems like an easy task to walk away from hurtful words, but sometimes it is not.  It should be easy to determine what information is gossip and what is not, but it is not always easy.  People will phrase information to make it seem benign.  Others will simply spill trusted words to others, masking it as trying to be helpful.  It is destructive and immature to live your life with gossip.  I spent many years ensconced with individuals who immersed themselves in hurtful communication.  What amazes me is the gossiper does not acknowledge the damage they have inflicted.  Words that cut to the quick with pain radiating from every syllable, were looked at as normal conversations.  The damage done, they move on to the next topic they want to devour, like a vulture waiting for a death.  It is so easy to fall into the “norm” when you are exposed to people who seem to talk for no reason but to hurt another.  Not knowing who to trust is exhausting.

Be the person others trust.  Be the individual who stands up and says “Enough!” when the gossip starts.  Be the friend who can see the damage that your words can inflict and keep your words encouraging.  Even if you feel justified in your remarks they can damage if they are gossip.  There is enough hurt in the world, uplift instead.  Spread the gift of happiness to all who you encounter, and be positive.

Travel well my friends.  

ImagePhoto courtesy Nathan Rathjen

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