Mountains Out of Mole Hills


“You are making a mountain out of a mole hill!”  I heard that often as a little girl.  I will admit I was hotheaded and spirited young girl, much to the dismay of my very calm parents.  I would become upset over a broken toy, a perceived slight by a playmate or a failed project.  My mother who I am sure has the patience of a saint would console me with those words.  It took me a long time to even figure out what she was meaning.  My young brain tossed the words around trying to make sense of how a mole hill could be as large as a mountain.  Maybe to a tiny insect a mole hill was a mountain, or maybe it was a giant mole she was referring to.

As an adult I let that phrase guide my reactions to events.  Many times a situation is nothing more than a ‘mole hill’ but it can feel like a towering monolith.  The one thing parenthood has unequivocally taught me is, most situations are just mole hills in the grand scheme of things.  

Approach your life with the thought that most scenarios are just small trials to overcome, not huge unattainable blocks in your road.  Travel on and around the small hills remembering most are not mountains.

Travel well my friends.  

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