Remarkable Strength


I found myself taking an unexpected day off Wednesday.  I say ‘day off’ very light heartedly.  I physically worked harder than I have in a very long time.  I have not been as attentive to my yard work as I used to be.  I have three capable boys who mow the weeds for me and a host of neighbor youngsters to keep the grass from growing too high.  Needless to say I have not raked, trimmed, mulched, pruned or even planted in about a eighteen months.  It is a jungle out there.

So I made a plan before the predicted gentle rains of Thursday set in, I was going to take Wednesday morning to whip my front yard into shape.  Nine hours later I still have plants to plant and mulch to sprinkle.  No well laid plan goes exactly as planned.  The new hoses weren’t long enough, the connectors broke, the clippers clipped me instead of the branch.  The list of derailments is a long one. 

What I found out this morning is my older body is not failing me completely.  Maybe it was the extra five hours I took to accomplish my goals.  Maybe I wasn’t as physical as my mind has decided I am.  I like to think my muscles remember the strain of working hard.  They awoke to the type of work they have always done.  Strenuous, intense, movement. 

My physical self is thankful for the awakening.  My soulful spirit is rejuvenated by the gardening.  The nurturing of my little slice of this world.  The embracing of the natural world and our modern existence combining.  It is a therapeutic journey for me.  The dirt under my nails, the thorn scratches down my sun kissed arms, my muscles reaching and stretching, it helps me remember I am alive.  It is meditative.  I am happy I took the time to garden yesterday. 

Everyone needs a break from their routines.  Maybe it is not gardening, whatever it is for you, invest the time in yourself to rejuvenate your spirit.  Indulge in an activity that lifts your soul.  Take the time to remind yourself, you are worth your time.

Travel well my friends.


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