Life Overwhelming


Your heart is breaking and I cannot stop it.  Your world is crumbling and I cannot piece it back together for you.  Your responsibilities are overwhelming you and I can not take them away.

What I can do is love you, reassure you, support you and lift your spirit.  I have not walked in your shoes but I will always walk beside you.  My words are hollow but my heart is full, full of love and understanding for you.  I will shoulder all the hurt I can for you.  I will hold you up when you feel you cannot stand a moment longer.  The strength you must exude will bring you to your knees.  Your tears will come from a well deep within you.  And in all the hurt you will find hope, faith and a love you never knew your heart could hold.  The faces that smile at you will embolden your passions.  The hands that hold tightly to yours will lift your sorrow.  The laughter you hear will be the sweetest sound you have ever heard.  This is your time to straighten your back and make decisions for yourself and yourself alone.  These choices will uplift you and the people who love you.  It is not the end….it is the beginning!

I can tell you, without a doubt or hesitation, when you make it through this, life will only get better.  There is no worse.  There is only light.  It is hard to see at first but it is there and it will cocoon you in it’s warmth.  This peace you find will be worth the hell because you have come through the worst.  No matter where your path leads you, no matter the path you choose, I will be there.  Right beside you.


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