Travel Addict


I am ready for the open road!  Once again I feel the pull of travel tugging at my soul.  I desire to unleash my car upon the blacktop of our country.  The unknown waiting to be discovered.  The small communities with their amazing stores, hiding treasures from the mega chain retailers.  Beautiful gems of unrecognized accomplishments you only hear about if you slow down long enough to listen.  The local café serving up home cooked meals to the famers.  The local merchant selling knick-knacks none of us really need but a trinket from the area, brings back our travel memories when we are ensconced in our daily routines, reminding us of the fun we had.  The community playhouse is a refurbished barn, giving new meaning to “off Broadway”, with the performances exuding more passion than the highest paid actors on the Big Screen.

I long for adventure, discovery, knowledge and soulful awareness.  My next planned travel is not till Friday….maybe I will squeeze a quick trip in first! 🙂

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