Life or Death?


I found half of a blue Robin’s egg in the street, this morning, on my walk.  It looked so fragile on the rough blacktop road.  The stark contrast of blue and black made me hesitate.  Was this broken shell the beginning of a new life? Or was it a cruel reminder of how fleeting life can be?  It is possible the newborn bird is resting with it’s siblings under the warmth of it’s mother.  A protective parent cleaning out their home to welcome the fledglings.  But the thought crossed my mind that a predator bird tossed the shell after scavenging the unborn life.  Laying waste to the life for it’s own survival.

The world is fraught with negativity.  My thoughts circled both possible outcomes.  Juggling life’s rejoicing and death’s sadness.  Death hangs around us.  The media flock like vultures to the gruesome scenes, when hearts are breaking or challenges overwhelm life.  Replaying the tragedies over and over on all of the communication devices we cling to.  How do we keep positive with so much darkness surrounding us?  Even the hope of new spring life is overshadowed with my negative thoughts.

Look for the light in the darkness, the positive amongst the negative, the hope within the tragedy.  Our lives are enriched with so much good that even at our worst there is always hope mixed with the faith that situations will get better.


Travel well my friends. 


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