The world continues to spin on it’s axis.  I have been absent from my writing.  I miss the ritual of sitting down and letting my mind flow through my fingertips.  The feeling of accomplishment, connection, is fleeting.  I love allowing my thoughts to tumble forward onto the paper.  It is soothing and necessary.  I am delighted to be back. 

My adventures took me through the rolling hills of Eastern Nebraska.  The apple blossoms of the famous Nebraska City orchards were in full bloom.  Walking down the miles of straight rows of fruit trees, showing off for the bees, is a magical sight.  Everything around you is shrouded in an inner light that seeps into your spirit, uplifting your own peace.  I spent my time investigating the natural beauty of spring.  Enjoying all the spectacular sights, sounds, and smells of this time of awakening.

It was then on west to central Nebraska for my time with my boys.  We spent the weekend reuniting with friends, forgetting sunscreen and relaxing together.  It is a blessing to see friends and family coming together to spend our time supporting the teenagers in our lives.  Too much food, too much sun and not enough sleep equals a perfect weekend away.


8 thoughts on “Absent

  1. I loved the reminder of how the bluebells used to seduce me in spring. I haven’t been to Duncliffe Woods, but it is on the list for us to visit… Thank you for sharing. Susan x

  2. kbeezyisviral

    It’s always nice for you soul to be extracted from your physical into the depths of nature that your vision endures.

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