Holy Week Humor


You know you are Lutheran when the coffee and treats portion of morning prayer service lasts longer than the service!  🙂

Holy week begins on Palm Sunday.  We celebrate the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a king!  It is a celebratory day.  We sing his praises in remembrance of His triumphant entrance to a city he knew he would be persecuted and die.  The culmination of Holy week progresses with silence on the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The church does not ignore these three days but not much is going on either and yet I find them significant.

This is the time Jesus spent his last days with his disciples.  These few precious last days before Evil seeped into the hearts of many.  Where shouts of Alleluias turned to cries of anger.  Where corruption ruled and money spoke volumes.

These three days before Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday take the stage are calm, meditative days for me.  I seek prayerful beginnings, lingering evenings and ample time for reflection.  I attended our morning pray service at my home congregation.  I found a community of souls who to enjoy the meditative qualities of starting your day with reflection, together.  It was refreshing to see young and old, worshiping in a small setting.  After the service we all moved off to a meeting room filled with coffee and pastries.  Where we took the time to share and laugh with each other before heading off to our work days.

Today is Maundy Thursday in the church.  We celebrate The Last Supper and remember our Savior washing his friends feet.  All the while, knowing what weight he would soon carry for the sake of the world.

Have a blessed Holy Day.  Remember our Saviors humble actions, with a kind and forgiving heart.

Travel well my friends.     

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