Social Media

Social media is an amazing invention.  It followed the normal progression of life.  The infant years of new discovery, the toddler years of sometimes making a mess, the teenage years of rebellion, through adulthood that its past shaped who it would be today.  I have found that all social media is positive in some ways.  I recently joined Snapchat just so I could see frequent pictures of my great nephews.  I use Facebook to connect easily with friends across the miles and I make sure to utilize Instagram just to see what the teenagers in my life are snapping pictures of.

What amazes me about social media is the fact that our use of it impedes our social networking.  I’m talking about the actual physical social networking.  As I sat waiting for one of my sons to get his haircut, I looked up from my phone and realized every person in the tiny room had a little invisible wall around them.  They were engrossed in whatever was on their mobile device and were not engaging with any stranger.  The wall of unavailability is a strong fortress.  People are not striking up conversations in the waiting rooms of America, cafe’s have lost the gentle murmur of conversations, and heaven forbid anyone speak on an airplane until we are commanded to shut off our devices.  Even interactions with friends are often interrupted by checking this or that on our phones.

I love the way we communicate over the miles.  I won’t be stashing my phone and ignoring social media anytime soon.  Yet, surely we can find a happy medium to all this “socialization”.  Enjoying the world around us includes interacting with the world around us.


Travel well my friends.

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