Let me start by saying “I’m sorry.”  No fancy lead in, no rambling excuses, just “I’m sorry”.  I’m sorry my posts have been few and far between.  Life, it seems, rushes by when you are not looking.

In our society ‘I’m sorry’ is used far too often without much meaning.  The message can be a lifeline to a failing relationship.  ‘I’m sorry’ signifies a need to help heal.  Parents say it to children, wives to husbands and vice versa, politicians to their constituents, bloggers to their audience and so on.  What does it mean to apologize?  They are just a few words strewn together to hopefully repair a damage.  Where would we be if we strove to not apologize and instead of a band-aid on a gushing wound, we avoided the injury instead?

Imagine if you will, lies that are spoken never crossing our lips.  Promises that are kept bring smiles instead of tears.  Hurtful words not shouted.  Gossip about another person ends with you.  Our lives are full of reasons and excuses.

Obviously there is a time and a place for a heartfelt apology but I feel if we truly work to never need to use our apologies then maybe, just maybe, we can live in communities that uplift instead of tear down.

Choose your words carefully and travel well my friends.

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