Photo courtesy of Nathan Rathjen

The sun has bathed my world in light.  I love the way the trees are greener, the flowers are brighter, and the world just looks refreshed.  The gentle rains fell, washing away all the dirt the wind blew in and now the springtime seems bursting with life.

I have a small trip planned for today and I can’t wait to go.  Twisting over the hills (yes, hills in Nebraska).  Scouting new adventures to enjoy.  The fields will be black, miles of churned earth moistened by the rains.  The smiles on strangers faces will be broader for the sun shinning on them today.  Everything always feels refreshed after the cloud filled skies of the past rainy days.

Travel well my friends.  Don’t forget your big sunshine smiles!


The Best Nest


Creative minds will be distracted.

I sat down with my laptop to write.  A cup of hot tea steeping next to me.  As I snuggled in I caught movement outside the window of my sunroom.  Just a flash of dusty red.  Looking closer I saw the industriousness of a small robin.  The evening before from a little different vantage point of my front porch I saw this same robin stuffing beaks full of fluff into the crook of the tree.  The leaves are just beginning to unfurl for the season, so the gray skeleton branches are still very visible.  Time after time the little bird would stuff and the fluff would fall.  Yet this morning I see that all that hard work did pay off.  For he has the start of his summer home, which I am sure he, with his she, will be very happy to raise their offspring.


Even as a little girl I loved books.  I would beg the adults in my life to read story after story to me.  I loved being transported to another world just by a few simple pictures and words strung together.  One book in particular was read to me over and over again.  It was about two little birds who loved to sing and loved each other.  The only problem in their world was one of them wanted a new nest.  So off they flew to find the perfect place to settle in and raise their family.  They flew from location to location never finding just the right perch, something was always wrong with where they chose.  During a storm they are separated.  From the perspective of the male he is devastated.  You don’t know where she is.  He searches high and low for her trying to find his love.


Finally after searching everywhere he thinks, he returns to the old, run, down nest he shared so many happy songs with his love only to find, she had come home to ‘The Best Nest’!  And they lived happily ever after, thankful for what they do have, each other.  Okay the words weren’t actually written that way but that is what I remember the moral of the story being.

So today as you go about your daily activities, be thankful for what you do have.  Even if it is not the fanciest, biggest or best of whatever, It is worth being thankful for.

Travel well my friends.



Traveling is freedom.

It is the wind in your hair, staying up too late, exploring around the next bend, all engaging, adventures with only yourself to set your limits.  For reasons unknown, sand is softer, sunsets are more serene, sunrises are a welcome sight and people seem happier.  Time seems to go at an accelerated pace, racing towards reality, forcing a feeling of urgency for you to see one more vista, taste one more delicacy, absorb one more cultural event, before going back home.

Enjoy every moment of your travels.  Spend the time doing things that revitalize your soul.  

Travel well my friends 


My life took a huge turn for the better a few years ago.  I do not focus on what I survived, I focus on my future.  Every now and again I stop, like I am at the crest of a hill and turn back to see where I was.  Behind me is a huge dark valley with small patches of light.  Light that I would travel to, needing to move forward with my life, but knowing I would need to trudge through the dark to get to the next tiny hill bathed in light. As I slogged through the darkness my path grew ever wider, the brambles that would snag at me, were further back from the trail I walked.  Then my path began an upward ascent, like a rock climber with no gear I scrambled ever up. I was wounded, exhausted, and raw.  I reached the top of that ridge only to be standing on the edge of a cliff, bottomless and darker than anything I have ever seen.  The winds pushed at my back encouraging me, not forcing me, to take a leap of faith.  It was a sea of black, the unknown, ready to swallow me up.  Yet something inside me reassured my soul,  ‘Just take the first step’.  So I did.  I found the moment I stepped off of the cliff I could find my feet with every step.  I was not lost in the blackness.  I was the light.  Most of the time I only had a fuzzy grey outline of the path.  But with every step it becomes clearer and clearer.  I feel I am at the crest of yet another hill.  The vantage point is vast.  The difference this time is I am not exhausted, I am energized!  On either side of me I see the people who have supported me, sometimes carrying me.  In front of me I see the wide open expanse of possibilities.  I will continue to move forward on my path and I hope we meet along the way.


Today marks the public beginning of my business!  It is with great pride and thankfulness I, with my mother/business partner, launch Soul Experiences!  We will celebrate the “fuzzy path” with friends and family tonight.  People who have lifted us up and helped us to be what we are today.

I am blessed.  I have food to eat, a place to sleep, friends to laugh with, children to hug, parents who forgive my teenage angst, siblings to connect with over the miles, the support of the man I love and so much more!  The blessings I have outnumber the hardships and that alone is my biggest blessing.  My hope for each of you is that continue to travel to your ‘light’, counting all of your blessings along the way.


Travel well my friends!

Magical Days


Look at the life you are living!  It is amazing!  You have it within yourself to make sure all the days you are given are astounding.  Languish in the sunshine, revel in the little moments that make you smile, take the time to savor your world.  It is in the journey we find the revitalizing experiences to keep us motivated for the next day.  Do all you can to make your days magical!

photo courtesy of Nathan Rathjen



When the time is right, everything seems to fall into place.  The struggles seem less.  The time of uncertainty seems distant.  The unknown comes into focus.  It may feel like it all just happened, like fate stepped in to give you a lift.  I think it is the culmination of all the hard work you achieved, maybe without even realizing you achieved it.  The extra smile, the straightened posture, the countless hours of research, networking, paperwork, all the little details done in the interim.  That is the pinnacle of success.

You know the moment it happened, whether subconsciously or consciously.  The success may be a few little tasks or one monstrous accomplishment, but looking back, you knew the moment it happened.  

Enjoy each little success with a celebration of a big success.  Every success is worth celebrating.

Good, Good Friday


He suffered and died on the cross, so that we would be free from death.

The alter was stripped of all it’s adornments last night at the church service.  The choir sang the 22nd Psalm, hauntingly beautiful voices hung in the air.  The lights were dimmed making the usually bright sanctuary feel small and oppressive.  We sat in silence watching the black drape rise to cover the image of Christ.  It is a very somber service.

Tonight we will attend the Good Friday service.  The alter will still be barren.  The lights will still be turned low.  The feeling in the air will still be of sadness. 

Why then should we celebrate?  Because this is not the end.  This is the beginning.  We know He died for us!  We know that His death brings us eternal life!  That in these somber remembrances, our lives are forever changed!

Happy Good Friday!