Fresh Start


Today is a new day.  The sun will rise.  The routine will flow.  I will drink my tea and reminisce on a wasted day, for about ten minutes, looking for the positive in yesterday’s events.  Then that day will be gone from my worries and I will be ready for this day.  A fresh start.  On to bigger and better things.  Embrace what lies ahead.  Eyes focused on the path set before me, not behind me where I used to be.  I am ready. 


Soul Experiences


My heart knows no bounds. Thelove, pride and joy I feel can not be hidden. The joy that seeps into my heart, penetrates my soul like the warm sunshine on my face. Being prepared or organized can only take you so far. The passion, enthusiasm, determination, and desire, propel you to the culmination of success. My joy knows no bounds. From the far distanced support of friends and family to the ones standing lovingly by my side, thank you. My joy that is stemming from success can not say thank you enough. My happiness transcends any doubt and fear. Be joyful in all you do.

Travel well my friends.

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Short Definitions

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Soul Experiences – Tour designers, guiding soulful getaways!

Soul – the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part.

Experiences – the  observing, encountering, or undergoing of things generally as they occur in the course of time.

Relaxation – to attain a state of increased calmness; otherwise reduce levels of anxiety, stress or anger.

Adventure – an exciting or remarkable experience.

Travel – to go on a trip or journey.

Off Adventuring

I have adventured through my life.  My life has not been simply lived, it has been one event after another to form my life story.  As I age I find I want to keep the excitement flowing.  I need to discover new turns in my path and embrace all this wondrous world has to offer.  I have chosen the rough, unknown, road to see where it will take me. 

Soul Experiences is more than just a travel company.  It is the adventure of a lifetime!  Where your soul can quiet and adrenaline will rush all in the same journey.  I want more from my travels than looking at a landmark.  I want to learn, grow, experience, and immerse myself in my travels.  Yet most of all I want to experience this with others around me.  I need to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life with the experiences they have while traveling with me. 

If you are looking for more from your travels and want to experience travel with others, come along with us.  Let the journey be as inspiring as the destination.  Relax, we will take care of everything so you can have a sense of renewal instead of exhaustion. 

It is the journey, not just the destination!



His calm demeanor spoke of his excitement.  He averted his eyes from mine.  Slowly he walked towards me, taking his time, picking at the  invisible fuzz on his shirt, throwing trash away.  His head was down, reminding me of one short year ago when his hair was long and his eyes would hide beneath.  Still averting his eyes, but within ear shot of me, I asked.  “How did you do?”  It is the same simple question I have been asking my 16-year-old son for the past 5 years as he leaves the shooting line.  His eyes flicked for the briefest of moments, it was enough.  The eye contact was made.  His grin overcame his poise to be a somber teenager interacting with his mom. “25”, his only verbal response.  “I know” I said.  I did not hide my excitement nor would I ever.  I threatened a hug if he didn’t give me a high-five.  My enthusiasm for this sport has grown over the years.  I know the dedication the youth and their families must make.  Financially it is a wealthy man’s sport.  Time wise it is a sport for a buddhist monk.  Commitments to the enjoyment of the outdoors rivals a farmers need to sustain his livestock.  I have attended 90% of his practices, 100% of his competitions and I know the dedication my small 12-year-old had to have to accomplish his goal of a perfect round of Trap.  I sat perfectly still through the full 25 shots he took at the bright orange rocks flying from the trap house.  Breathlessly counting each shattering rock.  As the last rock shattered their was no stopping my pride for my son.  Congratulations Jason!Image 

Traveling The Unknown

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Soul Experiences


The road twisted through the hills. Winding up a narrow stretch to fall gracefully into the valleys below. The view from the window suggested I was in a strange, brown world of Dr. Seuss. Large, furry caterpillarsreclined on the hillsides. Golden spikes burst from the chocolate earth. Tangled branches reached for the heavens, begging for the sun to warm them. Everything in various shades of brown and grey.

Little homes dotted the landscape. They look abandoned and desolate, no movement can be seen. Occasionally another traveler passes by, on their way to their destination. I move forward, curious to find the next hidden getaway.A sign beckons me to turn my car around. Up a narrow dirt road, off the beaten path, I climb. The sign announcing the entrance is weather-beaten. The drive meanders into a forest.Following the little driveway, I find patches of snow still clinging to each other trying…

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