‘Cuz I’m Weird Like That

No! I am standing in rebellion! My fists are balled at my sides and I might even stomp my feet! I love change but this is too soon!  I don’t want winter to be over.

I know, I know, everyone is sick and tired of the cold, the snow and the basically depressing weather outside their doors. But hear me out…When those first light flakes fall to the earth in an icy dance, I feel peace.  An all-encompassing quiet in my heart that makes me smile.

Think of your favorite childhood toy.   Think of how it felt in your hands, not your hands of adulthood but your tiny, uncoordinated child sized fingers.  Is it soft?  Does it make noise?  Maybe it was an item that fit perfectly in your little palm.  Think of the way you felt when you had your favorite toy…

That joyous, peaceful, “I’m in my own world” feeling is exactly how I feel when it snows.

Goodbye winter, I will miss you.

3 thoughts on “‘Cuz I’m Weird Like That

  1. Not so weird to me. Or at the very least, you have another one that would like to join your private club 😉 Residing in Florida, but growing up in Pennsylvania, I too miss winter. You capture the essence of winter with your poetic words. The quiet solitude of falling snow is so alluring. I remember waking up as a child in the morning, and without even a hint of noise throughout the night, I would peer out the window to see a foot of snow on the ground. It is magical, maybe that is why I enjoy it so very much 😉

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