Living To Work


While you brush your teeth in the morning do you anticipate the workday ahead of you?  Do you feel happy to be contributing to the work you are involved in?  Is your work more like an adventure down an unknown path?

I have been in the “Living to work” segment of the workforce for the better part of my adult life.  I find it invigorating, stimulating and just plain fun, most of the time.  I love feeling like my work matters in the grand scheme of things.  That it might help make a difference in the future or that it is impacting the world we share, right now.  When you work on a project and the sense of accomplishment feels wonderful, like the first glimpse of a new blooming tulip in spring.  That feeling lifts your soul, helps to complete who you are or who you might be in in the coming years.

When you live to work, you become engrossed with your work.  The blinders you put on to the outside community can sometimes make you miss other, very important, events.  Be sure you are not consumed by your work because your life is as much an adventure as the work you are living.

Living to work is another lifestyle choice.

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