Working To Live


Most people I know work their 40-60 hours per week and retire to the sanctity of their homes to live their lives.  The work they do in a week is to earn an income to sustain the lifestyle they enjoy.  You perform the work, to earn a living, so you can indulge in your recreation.

I am not advocating for or against this work choice, it simply is.  For most Americans this is the only choice in their existence, and it works well for them.  What is the value of your time?  Is it less than the person sitting next to you?  Do you feel like your time is more valuable than the lawyer that advocates for the rights of others?  Or are you above the judgment of monetary beliefs and maintain you are more or less valuable for your intellectual contributions?  These questions are very personal to each individual.  The mother who stays home with her three young children, caring for each sniffle, is she less worthy in the workforce because she is not earning a salary?

Each life choice we make, be it a choice between latte or cappuccino, or income vs. luxury, impacts the person we are.  We all strive to be good people, I believe that at the very depths of my soul, we are all trying to be good.  Whatever that “good” is to you, we are all trying to achieve it.  So in our working lives, we attempt to find balance with work and life.

Working to live is one lifestyle choice.

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