No Snocalypse Here

IMG_20130417_144551_984 (2)

The memories I have of traveling as a young child / young adult shaped the traveler I am today.  The scenes of the world flashing by the window of the car as we drove to the next destination inspired my imagination.  Walking in territory undiscovered by me kept my interest flowing.  The discovery of a new part of the world excited my determination.

When weather predictions declare snowfall during a road trip weekend I must take precautions.  In light of the polar vortex weather this year I felt the predictions warranted my caution.  I am an adventure seeker and most weather conditions will not deter my travels.  This trip was not planned or necessary.  One of those just-for-fun kind of weekends.  I love traveling, just for the sake of being away.  Yet for some reason I decided to cancel my travels and snuggle into my home to wait out the storm.


The blessings of staying local when you want to be away can be enormous.  I am able to enjoy unexpected visitors, warm morning breakfast in bed, great conversations with friends and of course the gently falling snow outside the window…or not.  As I tried to keep my heavy eyelids from shutting for the night, my vision beheld not one little white, lacy, flake floating down to rest on the earth.  Not one.  I gave up the hard fight and went to slumber in my bed hoping to awake to a winter wonderland of snow, at least 2 inches.  Bounding out of bed to greet the “snocalypse” of February 1st 2014, I was ecstatic.  Alas, it was not to be with this storm.  I awoke to a light dusting of the fine, powdery crystals.  My heart sank.

Yet, the trade-off of travel for the company of people who restore my soul is much more valuable than a new vista.  I awoke to not mountains of snow but mountains of familiarity and love.  My car was graced with a snow note, the breakfast was lovingly prepared, and the community of my heart rejuvenated.

Travel well my friends.


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