Career Longevity


How long are most careers?  I know when I was younger, most adults taught me, that careers are a lifelong commitment.  Most people may change companies after 15-20 years but you stayed in your chosen profession.  As I aged and neared the workforce, the perception of career longevity shifted.  The time spent with each company was reduced from the aforementioned to 8-10 years, with a sprinkling of late-in-life total career changes.

Now as I sit writing to you, I being near “middle-aged”, and only in the job market for 20 years, am enjoying my third career.  This is not what I learned when I was young.  You choose a field of expertise and spent your working career perfecting it.  Several friends and family have also enjoyed numerous careers in their lifetimes.  What does this say about the changing marketplace for the new incoming college graduates?  Is it reasonable for a 20-something, young adult to spend $50,000 every few years on college educations for new career paths?

The ever changing climate of America’s working class dictates the longevity of someone’s career.  I expect it will shift again, leaving room for more growth within our society.  I love to see the excitement in someone’s eyes as they begin a journey to new discovery.  Whether it is a new career path, or learning a new aspect of a current career, we all should keep learning and growing in our careers.

Travel well my friends.

I’m Alive!


The stars don’t always align.

The fairy tales are just that, tales.

The wishing well is not responding.

My dreams are a frayed patchwork.

Somehow I am still here.

This world is still waiting for me.

I am alive!

I am not just existing.

I am living, growing, learning and knowing.

I am whole, or at least my version of whole.

This life is not easy but I will make it my own.

I am alive!

So bring me my next hurdle,




I will endure and be better for it.

I am alive!



Do you work to live? or Do you live to work?  I have recently been faced with this dilemma and to be honest I don’t know the answer.  I do not know which is “correct”.  I always thought work was something you completed in order to get back to your life.  You need the income to enjoy the world around us, yet how can you enjoy the world around us if you are devoting most of your life to work.  I will be pondering this for the next few weeks and writing on your responses to the above questions. 



Nothing says community like 150 of your closest friends.  Attending a private party last night,  I noticed how close knit smaller communities tend to be.  One individual links to another to another to another.  Before you know it a gathering of friends fills a 50′ x70′ “shed”.  It was refreshing to see so many familiar faces together for no better reason than, the winter has been long and cold and we miss seeing each other.  Hopefully winter will exit gracefully to a more social spring.  Although, parties for the sake of partying is a lot of fun!



My heart knows no bounds.  The love, pride and joy I feel can not be hidden.  The joy that seeps into my heart, penetrates my soul like the warm sunshine on my face.  Being prepared or organized can only take you so far.  The passion, enthusiasm, determination, and desire, propel you to the culmination of success.  My joy knows no bounds.  From the far distanced support of friends and family to the ones standing lovingly by my side, thank you.  My joy that is stemming from success can not say thank you enough.  My happiness transcends any doubt and fear.   Be joyful in all you do. 

Travel well my friends.

Boy Scout Ready


Being prepared is not necessary.  Neither is organization.  It is a matter of whether you want to succeed, excel, grow and just plain push the limits of your expertise.  If you choose to stay stagnant in the oppressive waters of mediocrity, that is probably where you will float.  I prefer to push limits, discover new paths, and fully engage this world we live on, which will take a lot of organization and preparedness.  🙂  


Embrace Love


Love is the greatest gift of all.  It takes us places in our hearts, it touches our souls and reminds us how our body and mind can fool each other.  Love wraps us in a warm cocoon of safety.  So whether it is a love between parent and child, or an all encompassing love between lovers, be sure you embrace love.  Embrace the security, and happiness that reside with love.

Travel well friends. 


Reduce, Recycle, Reuse


In this time of environmental awareness we are blessed to see many creative uses for discarded items.  In this new found awareness for preserving this planet, I have seen society go from, throw away to use it up.  Yes there are still numerous individuals that still live with the mindset that this planet will sustain us forever and all of the abuses we dole upon it.  Yet there is an even larger population that jumps on the Reduce, Recycle, Reuse bandwagon.

As the Valentine’s Day weekend approached the subject of what to do was discussed.  We chose not to sit ideally at home for Valentine’s Day this year, watching sappy love stories on Netflix or eating chocolate by the ton.  Instead I, with my love, hopped in my car and drove.  No where in particular just a rambling sort of drive, literally, down memory lane.  We passed through small towns along a familiar highway.  Exchanging childhood memories of the scenes that drifted by our windows.  We pulled off the highway in each town just to look around and see what each town offered.  We found that most of the towns were languidly hanging on to their diminishing populations.  Although some had new suburban areas and even plush new golf courses, carved out in their little oasis towns.

In one of the declining towns we spotted a large building situated at the end of main street.  It was enormous for the area it is located in, the town has less than a 200 people residing there.  It was in the exact center of the end of the road. So as you drove down the straight lane, with towering trees creating a canopy above, you felt drawn to the destination looming before you.  The main street of town abruptly turned from the hard grey surface of pavement to the crunching, rough of gravel before our car was three city blocks from the hunkering monstrosity.  As we approached, we discovered the building was still occupied, just not as the builder originally intended.  The large glass windows stretched almost from floor to ceiling.  The sandstone and brick indicated to me the designer of this building wanted it to be appealing to the eye.  In great stone banners across the third floor and the second floor our question of “what is this?” was answered.  Large block letters announced “HIGH SCHOOL” and “1914”.  I was looking at a 100-year-old building that was now someone’s home.  No longer did teenagers roam the halls between classes but maybe a dog or cat resided in the science lab.  I enjoy discovering new sites during my travels, especially in my own home state.

This repurposed building is a standing testament to the ingenuity of people who see our world as a cherished heirloom not just some rock we use as our home.jack-and-junes-3