Where Are We Going


This is the excerpt from one of my earliest posts.

Where We Come From

“Lincoln High School is the high school I graduated from, many years ago. I did not like high school. It was not the institution, it was the social game of the students that dumbfounded me. I kept thinking “I can’t wait to be done!” What I did not know at the time is the lessons I learned from the “cheerleaders”, “jocks”, “nerds”, “gearheads”, and all the rest would be with me throughout my entire life. High school doesn’t end at graduation. You just graduate to a different stage of life, that most of the time resembles high school.  I now can look back on my high school years and count them amongst my blessings. My son attends high school at my alma mater now. I feel an extreme sense of pride in my son for just walking the hallowed halls of an institution that unknowingly began the shaping of the woman I have become. Lincoln High School is just a building steeped in history, both personally and in our community. As I travel and write I look forward to graduations, new beginnings and above all the experiences that help to shape the woman I have yet to become.”


Last week I attended the orientation for the class of 2018 of Lincoln High School.  I was not attending just out of boredom or research.  I attended because my twin boys will be Lincoln High LINKS next year, graduating class of 2018.  As I looked around the auditorium I remembered many life events for myself.  I watched my first live performance of “The King and I” while my older sister played in the orchestra.  The LHS drum line entertained in front of the stage when my brother was a student here.  I obediently sat through countless assemblies under the watchful eyes of the school’s administration while I was a student.  I love that the school took the time to modernize the theater without destroying the architectural beauty of the room (love the new cushy seats).  I thought of my family, the tradition of our graduates from this school and how proud I am to have my boys following in my footsteps.  They will be 4th generation Lincoln High School graduates.  I couldn’t be prouder.

When the current principal asked the audience, last week, if any of the parents were former Lincoln High students, the cheers erupted from the crowd.  The feeling is pure pride.  As adults we can look back at our high school years and really appreciate all the institution offered us.  Not just pride in our children but pride in our community, town, and school.  I look forward to this next year of education for my boys.  Working together to enrich each others lives.


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